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Short Term Hardware Rental

Here is an example where Procurri partnered with an end user to provide a creative solution for a client who bought an IBM Flash Storage System v5000 from the VAR. The client needed the new machine for a time sensitive data center move that required moving data to the new machine at the new location to meet their obligation to leave their current leased data center. However, the OEM had a lead time of 6 weeks to deliver the machine, which would leave the client with a $20K+ penalty to extend their lease. Procurri was able to supply a rental of a similar, but higher capacity machine within 24 hours for 2 weeks for only $4,500. The client was able to migrate on time and not face the lease holder penalty!

If you are a solution provider with clients that are in need of quick, short term rentals, reach out to your Procurri account representative or learn more at: https://procurriamericas.com/rentals/