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IT Asset Disposition

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a menu of services that recycles, re-purposes or re-markets data center equipment that end users no longer need and wish to retire.  Many times, when a customer is refreshing part or all of their IT infrastructure, the equipment that is being replaced still has some remaining value in the pre-owned marketplace. Since Procurri is one of the largest resellers in the world of refurbished enterprise hardware, we can help your customers recover that remaining value by either buying it back from them or consigning it to be re-sold.

Our ITAD Solution

Procurri is a global leader for ITAD services and we partner with resellers around the world to help them service their end user’s enterprise IT life-cycle needs. Adhering to stringent environmental, privacy and security regulations, Procurri offers our partners a comprehensive resell program that includes harvesting your customer’s IT assets that no longer meet corporate computing standards. Some features of our ITAD program include:

  1. Detailed SOW
  2. Packing & secure transport to processing center
  3. Audit of assets
  4. Data Erasure and/or Data Destruction
  5. e-Steward recycling
  6. Detailed reports on completed audits

Diversify Your Services Portfolio

Procurri’s ITAD solution gives our partners a way to expand and diversify their services offering to clients. Reselling these services to your existing customers gives you deep insight into their global IT infrastructure and new sales opportunities for additional projects you may be missing out on today. You can even white label our ITAD solution as your own.

Adding ITAD services to your reseller portfolio can give you new revenue streams with the following benefits:

  • Increased sales margins
  • Improved client entanglement
  • Competitive advantage over other resellers

Customers Moving To The Cloud?

Every day more companies are moving applications to the cloud and decommissioning part or all of their IT infrastructure. The is having a huge financial impact on VARs who traditionally have relied on selling hardware refreshes, but this seemingly negative trend also creates many new opportunities for solution providers to sell much needed ITAD services.

Want to learn more or speak with an ITAD expert?

Please email: ITAD@procurri.com or contact your Procurri account representative. You may also call us at (770) 817-9092