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How Procurri’s Storage Maintenance Helps You Sell New

By: Zach Broome

We see it all the time with resellers that we work with: Customers want to go with a newer EMC solution, but they’re not ready to implement that solution anywhere from 6 to 18 months out due to either readiness for the project or lack of budget.

Ironically, their EMC support happens to be ending within this time frame and they can’t afford to go without support, so they renew support with EMC on all the gear during this gap period – which is crazy expensive – until they’re ready to purchase new hardware.

Most IT departments factor in these “gaps” in coverage when budgeting and it ultimately sets the timeline for when they’re ready for a hardware refresh.

Introducing them to Procurri storage maintenance shows them that they can afford (from a risk and cost perspective) to go with our support solution once their original OEM coverage ends and we’re able to adequately cover them during these “gaps” to reduce the timeline for their refresh.

A quick example with one of our resellers and their biggest end-user client.

After discovering the Procurri maintenance option, an original 12 month timeline for a refresh was cut in HALF because they were able to use the extra money saved and put it towards a new Data Domain solution that came standard with 3 year EMC support.

It’s simple. It’s a win-win for you as a reseller because it allows you to push new solutions more quickly while saving your customer money along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that the small margins you typically make on renewals through the OEM catapult significantly to anywhere from 15-40% on each contract.

Procurri’s maintenance solution is the only in the world that closely mirrors the OEM.


6 Reasons Why Procurri’s Storage Maintenance Best Mirrors the OEM

Procurri’s NOC along with all our top SMEs are located in Boston, MA – which is worth mentioning because this is essentially EMC’s backyard. Most all of these engineers formerly worked for EMC and have all the accredited certifications. They not only know this gear from a hardware perspective but can do a deep dive into any SW related issues.

1) Proactive Remote Monitoring.

Our 24×7 remote monitoring/call-home feature matches the ease of use and the proactive capabilities of the OEM. Our team actively monitors your system(s) health and swiftly take any action required to fix an issue before you even knew there was a potential problem.

2) Unlimited Access to Level 3 & Level 4 Engineering Expertise

Our team consists of the world’s top talent that joined us directly from the OEM. As mentioned above, many decided to join Procurri directly from EMCs backyard. We even have the capability to offer an “in region” service delivery manager in the same time zone who will work with you and your customer to resolve any open tickets.



3) Onsite Spares & Parts Planning

Our parts analysis planning is thorough and extensive to ensure that we are well-equipped to support every contract effectively. If there is no room for spares to be placed onsite, no problem! We’re more than likely have FSL’s (forward stocking locations) in the area to store parts for engineers to use prior to onsite arrival when needed.

4) Remedial Software Support

Procurri offers more than just hard drive/parts replacement. As mentioned above, customers have access to our Level 3 & Level 4 engineers across all supported storage platforms. If there are ever any configuration issues or questions about certain functions, our team is ready to help. This does not include firmware updates as these are proprietary to the OEM. However, once you receive that upgrade from the OEM, we’re more than happy to guide you on how to implement that onto your system(s).

5) Procurri is the Only Third-Party Maintenance Provider That is Also a Hardware Company

Unlike other third-party maintenance providers, Procurri is able to cut the middle-person out of the equation. Procurri is also a hardware provider of EOL/EOSL equipment as well as new – meaning we have spare parts in stock. Our certified engineers work on this gear day in and day out for our customers. This is an added layer of comfort knowing that you are working with a company with actual global distribution hubs.

6) Save 50-60% vs OEM Pricing

Perhaps one of the biggest perks aside from our expertise are the cost savings. Procurri guarantees to competitively price all supported OEMs that reach 50-60% off of OEM pricing.

Bottom line. If you’re not utilizing our maintenance solution to push other products/services, you’re missing out on an opportunity that often times provides the extra value that your customer is looking for.


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