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9 Reasons To Leverage Juniper’s CPO Program

By Zach Broome

If you’re a solution provider and not currently utilizing Juniper’s Certified Pre-Owned program (perhaps you never knew it existed), consider these 9 reasons to add JCPO to your offering.

1) Speed

JCPO products are often in stock and ready to ship same-day. If you require a custom configuration, our team can build, test and ship within 24-48 hours.

2) Incorporated Bug Fixes

All products shipped from the JCPO program are updated to Junipers latest firmware levels. Any bugs that may have been discovered after the product launch date have been addressed and eradicated prior to shipment. Any previous configurations are also removed and reset to factory default settings. In some cases, using JCPO products can help ensure no potential down time after deployment.

3) Detailed Cosmetic Restoration

JCPO goes through an extensive process of restoration making the product look and feel brand new as possible. All components go under a repair and replace procedure prior to packaging.

4) Comes with “As New” Warranty Registration

All product out of the JCPO program comes with an “as new” warranty fully backed by Juniper.

5) Custom Configurations with OS

Any security, routing or switching appliances can be custom configured with any Juniper OS or Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow for additional customization.

6) Serial Registration

Unlike many refurbished products, all JCPO products are registered with Juniper and fully backed and supported by the OEM; giving you peace of mind that if any issues arise, Juniper is always available to help fix any unforeseen issues.

7) Packaging

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned is packaged and sealed just as brand-new product. The ONLY difference is the part number alongside the description will read “-JCPO” to certify that all product is certified by Juniper.

8) Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons to consider JCPO are the cost savings you will receive. You receive a much higher discount from list price with the comfort of knowing that everything is backed by Juniper and security that it complies with any and all Juniper guidelines. The savings can be passed along to fund additional projects in the future.

9) Juniper Channel Rep Receives Credit

Any JCPO product purchased is reported and credited to the Juniper sales representative.


Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments. The JCPO program can be a game changer for your organization.

Email: zbroome@procurri.com